Pursuant to Title 14 of Applicable International Treaties, Section V, Article 4(b): Arbitrage Opportunities*

  * Arbitrage opportunities need not be disclosed on quarterly earnings statements, provided the income is considered recognized but not realized (i.e. mark-to-market accounting)   I have been dreading this latest blog post for quite some time now. Granted, after my last entry not much happened right away. I wound up spending a total of […]

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What Is and What Should Never Be

That title is more of a personal question than a statement. Also, a pretty awesome Led Zeppelin song. Of course, one thing that should never be easily comes to mind: this godforsaken Chromebook. I know, I know. I’ve already bitched about it before. But since then I’ve discovered even more shortcomings that just should not […]

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The Most Valuable Visa

Here’s a hint: it’s not one of my five credit cards. As you may have noticed, I will be spending a lot more time in Cluj. I’m not sure how much time; that would require planning for my future. I really had no intentions of staying here when I first arrived, but quickly decided that […]

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Cluj in a Very Large Nutshell

As per my sister’s travel checklist, I am required to write a guide to one place that I visit while exploring the world. For anyone following my blog during the last two trips, it should come as no surprise that I have chosen the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca as the subject of this guide. No […]

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Great Expectations

See what I did there? It’s called a vague theme. This is going to be the conclusion story to last week’s shenanigans. Neah, Daniel and I ate breakfast at the hostel in the morning, right before Neah had to leave to catch a bus out of town. I packed up my belongings and left them […]

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